At Kings River Inc. we started as a small family farm that transformed into a successful Global Farming Company. Our family company was established in 2004, with just a small team of 8 employees and 77 acres. From these modest beginnings, through hard work, determination and a commitment to quality, the company has continued to grow and is now a flourishing enterprise, with a staff of 250 employees and an expansive farming acreage of 600 acres. Originally, at King’s River Inc. we focused our sales primarily in Taiwan, but we were able to expand rapidly and now sell our high-quality produce to markets all throughout the United States, Canada, and Southeast Asia. At King’s River Inc. we offer a bountiful selection of delicious produce such as peaches, grapes, and cherries. We take pride in delivering the freshest and highest-quality produce to our customers, with a focus on sustainable farming practices and a dedication to supporting local communities. Our success is a testament to our strong family values, hard work, and determination to provide the highest quality produce to the world. We remain committed to continued growth and providing our customers with the most delicious and healthy fruits in the world.


Quality That Matters

At King’s River we strive to make sure that every piece of fruit is special, and the customers get a chance to experience the taste of fresh fruits grown in a perfect environment. We have accomplished this by tailoring our practices to meet the standards of a constantly evolving market. From soil selection, irrigation management, and nutrient management we place particular attention on ensuring the best practices are used. Our farm employs precision farming techniques, combining data and technology to help us analyze the current conditions of the soil, air and weather to create the perfect environment for growing each fruit. We practice sustainable soil management to quickly adapt to environmental changes and continue to provide healthy and fresh fruits. In addition, our method of hand picking and hand packing ensures every fruit receives the attention it deserves. We ensure that our fruits reach the consumer as fresh as possible. Every member of our team has been properly trained in the hygiene and safety of fruit handling, making our fruits not only healthier but also cleaner and safer for consumption. Our approach to fruit farming is to ensure we produce a healthy variety of fresh fruit all season, achieving higher yields and better-quality fruits. We believe that precision farming techniques and the use of innovative technology are the way of the future for fruit production. At our farm, we are proud to lead the charge in producing the freshest, most delicious, and healthy fruits available.


Farming has a significant impact on the environment, that is why we are proud to be an Eco-Friendly Farm. At our farm, we truly believe in working with the environment and respecting the law of natural ecological survival. We take several steps to reduce our environmental footprint, including the use of pheromone strips to reduce pests that use natural mechanisms of the environment. This causes less harm to the surrounding environment than traditional methods that can compromise the quality of nearby soil, water, and plant life. Beyond this, we use a dripping system to save water, decreasing water use by over 50 per cent. This helps in minimizing waste, without harming the environment, and allows us to produce high-quality fruits. When it comes to soil and nutrient management, we use natural methods for organic matter retention, weed control, and soil enrichment. By doing this we allow the soil to grow naturally and be enriched instead of using potentially harmful chemicals. We also rely on natural composting methods and strategic crop rotation for fresher and healthier fruits. Ultimately, we strive to build a sustainable relationship between our farm and the environment around us. The outcome is a product that is not only safer and healthier for our bodies, but also for our environment. We believe this approach to farming truly adds to the quality of our fruits and serves as an example of how modern methods can embrace the natural processes that led to our planet's original ecology.

We Strive to Build a Sustainable Relationship Between Our Farm and the Environment Around Us.